Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A cruise to Mexico is just what we needed to end the summer! Even though we both missed a week of school, it was well worth it. It was ten times more fun because we had some awesome friends to hang out with - couples from the summer.

Here's some pics:
Going to dinner fancy-style
One of my favorite parts of the cruise was that we
got to try all sorts of different foods - lamb, alligator, shark, escargot, etc.
Sun Bathing
If you know me well you know that food makes me very happy.
So of course I was ecstatic to find out that all the room-service was free. mmmmm.
As always our signiture silly faces.
In Cabo San Lucas:
Beat it ese.....
Authentic Mexican cokes & Claire of course. Where there's a coke, there's a Claire.
The girls showing off our tans
This was hilarious. Our guide told us this is called Lover's Cave. You go
in as two, and come out as three! We steered clear of this place..

The water was so clear, we did some fun snorkeling with little boxes of cereal,
the fish would come swarming around us, it was so cool!
Lucky for us, we had a few Spanish speakers in our group who
got us good deals for hang gliding. It was terrifying at first, but then it was just like
hanging out in the sky. Awesome.

We couldn't leave Mexico without trying some authentic fish tacos...
They turned out a lot smaller than we were used to, but that's Americans for you right?

Chase and his love for big sombreros.

Puerto Vallarta!!!

We only had one day here, so we did some quick shopping.
And then went on the Extreme Canopy Excursion! It was one of the
funnest things we've ever done together! First we took a boat ride
to a small island, this is what it looked like:
Then we took one of those open-sided army jeeps up to the
excursion site. It was the bumpiest crazy ride I've had in my entire life,
and yet somehow Chase managed to fall asleep. Seriously?
We went on a ropes course that involved a ton of zip lines that were
hundreds of feet above the jungle and repelling down waterfalls. I almost peed my pants
on the first zip line, it was so high up! But after that, it was pure adrenaline and fun.
I surprised myself at how brave I am!

On the boat ride back to the cruise ship, our boat driver took us through a bunch of cool caves.

These awesome couples made our vacation so much fun - Our whole group was amazing, but somehow I didn't snap any pictures of everyone all together!

Brandon & Claudia
Russell & Claire Bear