Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just like Mickey and Minnie in a Whole New World.. literally.. Disney World

As it turns out, I do love Disney World. The humidity might have been a bit much but the rain was even enjoyable sometimes! We went pretty much everywhere and tried pretty much everything that sparked out interest. My favorite park was Epcot. It was like the entire world in one theme park; the ultimate quick vacation around the world.

This was our hotel! It was the Pop Century Resort, and yes, it was very colorful and very large.

This big guy was right outside our hotel room. Chase loves to give eskimo kisses.

We simply could not pass up the bride and groom ears. Can you blame us?

These magic "Just Married" pins got us to the front of many rides, as well as a few extra fast passes. Just gotta know how to work the system I guess.

I think the best thing about this honeymoon, is that it was fun and still romantic. Finally being able to be together all the time was so great!