Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lilo Loves Hawaii

This was the sunset on our first night in Maui. Right outside the balcony.

This snorkeling trip fed us breakfast, lunch, and dessert!
We went to two different snorkeling sites, and then set sail
on our way back to the resort. We were so cold from being in the
chilly ocean so we laid on the top of the boat to dry and ate our cookies.

The second site we went to had so many sea turtles! We probably saw
about six. Three or four of which came so close to us. I would say it was
the highlight of the trip. I just wish we could've gotten a picture with the turtles.

i loike toirtles.

Very harry man from New York...

Virgin Pina Coladas are a must have.
What? This is MY pina colada.
The view was disgustingly amazing.
Silly faces with our totem pole friend.
Practicing some Adam & Eve
Stuffing our faces like fatties...

Bananas growing on the hike to Twin Falls.
Everything was so green and lush and beautiful!

The Girls...

The Boys...

The bunch of us...

It was so nice to just relax through most of the trip. We didn't
really plan anything, we just did whatever we felt. I highly
recommend it.

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