Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Kell's cabin might be the most beautiful place to see the best of Autumn.
It was the perfect time to see all the Fall colors and to run
around pretending that we're still kids.
After all, friends don't let friends do silly things....
alone, that is.

I think you'll agree that Kell's autumn sweater is truly epic.
She's so great at celebrating all the seasons, no wonder she's going
to be the best teacher ever.

While at Kell's cabin, we had to try on her
Grandpa's fedora.
We took a walk down to the little lake.
And did some golf cart riding and talked about deep subjects.
That always happens when we get together.

Alyssa is now known as Sister Longmore.
She is now serving a mission in Manchester, England.
This was kind of our last hurrah before she left.

We seriously spent hours taking pictures for a highly anticipated
stop-motion video. I didn't realize how much work stop-motion videos
really are so that will be posted later when I can find hours to devote to it. Yay!!

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